Test Data Management

Key Features

Meets the broad range of demands across application owners, infrastructure and operations, developers, testers, QA, and compliance teams.

Sensitive data discovery and classification

Automate the identification of sensitive data locations for consistent masking within and across databases.

Data masking

Leverage a pre-defined, customizable library of masking functions to protect sensitive data elements including PII, PHI and PCI.

Test data generation

Create synthetic data to fill gaps where production data cannot be used or doesn’t exist.

Data subset

Provision smaller datasets based on test plan requirements. Minimize infrastructure requirements and speed performance.

Data connectivity

Connect to a wide range of distributed and mainframe data sources from a single management platform.

Pre-built application accelerators

Support for packaged applications to ensure application integrity and speed deployments.

Monitoring and compliance reporting

Engage compliance, risk, and audit teams to ensure ongoing alignment with data governance initiatives.