Semantic Solutions for ECM

Content Classification

With the amount of content getting bigger and bigger, workers often cannot quickly locate information they need for their tasks and waste their precious time on ineffective searching.

ABBYY solutions for ECM use semantics and machine learning to determine the type of document based on its content. The solution understands the meaning of text and adds missing metadata enabling knowledge workers instantly collect all information related to a particular subject matter.

Content-based Metadata

Manually adding document tags is a time-consuming but also an error-prone process. Using an automated solution to enrich document metadata helps streamline document input and turn unstructured information into an actionable asset.

Info Extractor embeds metadata of key persons, facts and events into content, allowing these entities to be leveraged for advanced faceted search. This dramatically improves the findability of information for knowledge professionals under pressure.

Document Routing

Document routing accelerates your company’s ability to quickly address incoming requests or process incoming documents. Granular text and semantic-based classification automatically determines the most suitable processing workflow or automatically directs the request to the appropriate person.

Your employees and customers no longer need to manually classify documents and requests. Automatic classification helps you avoid human errors while providing timely responses and accelerating the value delivered to your customers.

Enterprise Search

Ever wondered how much time workers in your organization spend in their quest to obtain the information they need? In today’s fast moving world, it is of absolute importance that value is delivered to customers in a timely manner. By using ABBYY Semantic Solutions, which can quickly locate and extract information on any particular subject, your knowledge workers will be more productive with the exact information they need at their fingertips.

ABBYY Semantic Solutions operate on the level of meaning and uses natural language processing to understand the semantics and context of the search request instead of just using keyword approach, providing you with a full range of relevant content on any particular subject matter.

Classification for Dynamically Changing Categories

Rapidly changing business environment changes. influences the categorization of content in organizations. Categorization system is no longer static and needs to be constantly updated. Manual classification workflows based on keywords are difficult to adapt and sometimes require months for an update which is not compatible with business requirements.

ABBYY Semantic Solutions offer machine learning classification that automatically creates or updates classification model based on sample documents from your organization, allowing for timely response to ongoing within your ECM system.