Intelligent Structure Discovery

Speed the time to value from machine and other non-standard data.

Intelligent Structure Discovery, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, helps organizations to better power their businesses with data by enabling easy use of non-standard data across their organizations. Leverage a machine learning-driven visual tool to automate creation of parsers for data from IoT, the web, and other machines.

Put machine data to work for you

Informatica developed Intelligent Structure Discovery to make it easier and faster to use non-standard data together with the other data in your organization. There are tremendous benefits to be had from properly using data coming from Internet of Things devices, the web, networks, and log files from other machines. With Intelligent Structure Discovery, your non-standard data is no longer dark or locked in a silo.

Leverage machine learning and automation

Instead of scripting or other approaches to manual understanding and parsing of non-standard data, Intelligent Structure Discovery assists and automates the process with machine learning embedded in a visual tool to easily understand the structures of data from new sources and create ready-to-use parsers. Auto-generated parsers can be created in minutes or hours instead of the typical days or weeks using a manual approach.

IoT, web, and machine data ready to use everywhere

Instead of remaining dark or getting locked into use case-specific systems, Intelligent Structure Discovery prepares non-standard data to be used anywhere in your company.  Beyond collection and application-specific use of web, network, and machine data, parsers created with Intelligent Structure Discovery can be easily integrated into any of your data workflows. This enables easier integration with analytics and operational systems that would benefit from enrichment from these new sources of non-standard data.

Informatica Cloud ready

Intelligent Structure Discovery is now available as a service integrated within Informatica Cloud. Data parsers created in Intelligent Structure Discovery can be easily imported into any data integration workflow created in Informatica Cloud.  This enables seamless use of these new data sources with virtually any cloud or on-premises system. This increases the value from non-standard data and dramatically decreases the complexity of putting it to work for you.

Key Features

  • Machine learning-guided visual tool to understand and prepare non-standard data: An easy to use and highly productive modern approach to automating the creation of machine data parsers
  • ¬†Handles all data from machines in non-standard, non-relational formats: Put data from your IoT devices, the web, networks, log files and other types of data to work in your organization
  • Automatic Structure Discovery powered by machine learning that generates a visual model of the data structure: Make it easier to understand the structure and make decision about which elements you want to use and how they will be output once parsed
  • Automated data model creation for parsers ready for production: Visual tools to auto-generate parsers to convert non-standard data into a relational structure that can be easily used with other enterprise data
  • Fully integrated in Informatica Cloud: Non-standard data parsers created in Intelligent Structure Discovery can be used seamlessly in production Informatica Cloud workflows.