Enterprise Information Catalog

Discover, classify, and gain visibility into the end-to-end lineage of all data assets across the enterprise.

Key Features

Comprehensive discovery and visibility of all data assets across the enterprise.

Smart scanning

Improve discovery with automatic scanning across the enterprise for data sources.

Business classifications

Attach business classifications and relate them to technical data assets as annotations.

Enhanced search

Find the data you need with a dynamic faceted search engine.

End-to-end data lineage

Get complete tracking of data movement including column/metric level and detailed impact analysis.

Data relationship views

Quickly identify related tables, views, domains, and reports.

Enhanced auditability

Ensure more complete audits with metadata resource-level read/write permissions for all catalog objects.

Smart data suggestions

Get the data you need with data suggestions based on column similarity and inferred domains.

High-performance data profiling

Get more complete data profiles by using Informatica Blaze for high-performance processing.