Document Management System

Get up and running quickly with Laserfiche

Store documents in intuitive folder structures in a familiar interface.

  •  Find documents easily within organized folder structures.
  • Automatically file documents upon import.
  • Easily duplicate existing filing structures.
  • Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.
  • Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable with optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Save changes with document check in/out.

Add context to digitized documents

  • Create reusable document fields that note key document information, like document author and approval time
  • Build standard document templates that can be applied to different documents or folders.
  • Connect related documents, like e-mails and their attachments, using document links.
  • Track, display and compare document versions.
  • Sign and validate documents with digital signatures.

Apply annotations to documents

  • Hide sensitive material from unauthorized users with redaction tools.
  • Add instructions or comments with document sticky notes, call out boxes and text boxes.
  • Apply public or personal stamps, such as “Date,” “Approved,” “Confidential” and other indicators.
  • See a complete list of a document’s annotation history, including type, date and included text.

Find documents with one click

  • Find specific words or phrases within document text, metadata, annotations and entry names.

  • Use preset search options to search by document creation date, the names of users who checked out documents and other metadata.

  • Enable fast user adoption with customized document viewing and search settings.

  • Instantly generate searchable text on scanned documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and full-text indexing.

  • Find content that includes related words or phrases in search results.

  • Perform routine searches in one click with custom quick searches that save search preferences.

  • Find documents associated with specific business processes.