Document Classification

ABBYY Classification solutions cover a complete processing cycle of organizing semi-structured and pure text information and automatic content classification. ABBYY solutions bring sophisticated Natural Language Processing and data capture technologies to users through an easy-to-use interface, making classification a snap for anyone.

Organize Big Content – Automatic text classification – surest way to organize and prioritize information so that knowledge professionals have access to the information they need.

Content Classification for Archiving and Records Management

Quickly organize large document repositories so knowledge workers can efficiently search and locate information critical for a variety of business tasks, including decision-making and analysis.

Mailroom – Routing of Incoming Documents

Granular text and semantic-based classification of incoming documents allows the acceleration and automatic selection of the most suitable processing workflow, such as OCR and data extraction or direct archiving.

Data and Content Migration

Reduce the risk while increasing the efficiency of data migration projects, such as consolidating a range of content storages into a single, well-organized archive.


Quickly gather and prepare documents for e-Discovery and audits. Apply natural language processing algorithms to detect relevant content and combine documents into a unified format.

Document Set Checking

Accelerate document sets processing and checking. Automatically detect the document type, capture critical data, verify it across predefined criteria and route further.