Cloud Data Management

Integrated contact verification

Informatica Cloud’s integrated contact data verification tools benefit your sales, marketing, and customer service users by automating best practices. The solution accomplishes this through the duplicate protection layer and forced fuzzy search on account/lead/contact creation, as well as by:

  • Leveraging data as a service (DaaS) to improve contact data verification
  • Expanding insights with DaaS data enrichment services to increase marketing ROI and create a deeper connection with customers
  • Ensuring data quality is embedded into your integration strategy
  • Providing better tracking of lead and opportunity influence through advanced lead conversion
  • Providing sales with more accurate forecasting through batch duplicate removal.

Cloud Test Data Management

With Informatica Cloud Test Data Management (TDM), you can automatically provision sandboxes with the right test data at the right time, freeing your developers to spend more time innovating.

With data subsetting, you don’t need to worry about storage limits and broken relationships associated with developer/pro sandboxes. Now you can easily push the subset of related data you need and preserve its referential integrity.

With data masking, you can mask sensitive data in your sandboxes, eliminating the risk of exposure and non-compliance.

Informatica Cloud Test Data Management gives you realistic and high-quality test data for better development, testing, and training experiences.

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce

Automatically cleanse, consolidate, and manage contact and account data in Salesforce. Designed to run on, Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce:

  • Identifies account and contact duplicates at the time of data entry.
  • Validates email, phone, and address data for accuracy.
  • Matches customer records from different data sources including ERP, marketing automation, and other Salesforce organizations.
  • Provides multiple views of different hierarchy types, such as account, sales, and billing.
  • Syncs with Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) and populates customer records with information from existing mastered records.

See, verify, and validate all account, contact, lead, and opportunity objects across the account hierarchy (including subsidiaries). Marketing and sales can track campaign influence or—through white space analyses—collaboratively identify cross- and up-sell opportunities across the company.

MDM - Product 360

Product 360 allows you deliver rich product information that closes the sale—no matter which channel your customers use. Informatica’s master data-fueled product information management (PIM) system empowers business users to effectively manage and collaborate on product data in order to improve the customer shopping experience with consistent and complete information across all sales channels and improve productivity and compliance.

Regardless of whether you use Informatica MDM – Product 360 on premise or as a hosted cloud service, it serves as a central repository for all product data and a platform for omnichannel commerce.

MDM – Supplier 360

MDM – Supplier 360 is a master data-fueled business application for next-gen supplier relationship management. It empowers your supply chain, procurement, finance, and supplier management teams to better collaborate on and streamline the end-to-end process of managing your suppliers’ lifecycles, relationships, and data.

Through a self-service portal, suppliers register, update, and complete their company and even product information. Regardless of whether you use Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 on premise or as a hosted cloud service, it will streamline supplier onboarding and time to market and allow better monitoring of supplier compliance, risk, and performance.

Cloud Data Quality Radar

Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar is a single tool to quickly identify and visualize data quality issues within your applications like Salesforce and Marketo—and drive increased confidence in the data. With Informatica Cloud DQ Radar you can automatically fix the most impactful data quality problems sooner, while reducing reliance on IT for data quality-related activities.

Informatica Cloud DQ Radar even lets you track data quality levels within and across all of your business applications through easy-to-use dashboards so that the data that your business relies on is always clean. Informatica Cloud DQ Radar is a great starting point on your path to data governance. It enables you to start small and achieve some quick wins while building the business case for a more formal data governance program.