Cloud B2B Gateway

Onboard B2B Partners Using the Power and Ease of the Cloud with Informatica’s Next-Generation Cloud B2B Gateway.

In the current state of B2B integration, businesses often face the challenges of slow customer onboarding, high operational costs, and complex integration scenarios. The answer to these problems can be found in the next generation of B2B solutions from Informatica: Cloud B2B Gateway, which is designed to automate secure data exchange across partner networks through a cloud interface.

To accommodate dynamic B2B infrastructure these days, especially in companies using mobile and cloud technologies, it’s important to make sure that EDI is not slowing you down and that your B2B integration solution will accommodate multiple standards not just today, but in the future. Informatica provides B2B integration solutions that help partners communicate effectively, regardless of whether they are taking an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid approach.

Extend EDI by providing flexibility to handle different formats beyond mandated standards

Cloud B2B Gateway quickly set up business partners, simply defines communication protocols, monitors and manages your EDI messages exchange, and easily processes EDI and other messages to your back-end systems through built-in wizard interfaces to Informatica Cloud Mapping. Leverage the power of market-leading Informatica integration capabilities to design robust mapping and custom business logic in Cloud B2B Gateway.

Simplify monitoring and management

Cloud B2B Gateway provides users with extensive tracking and monitoring capabilities that will expose potential problems with exchanged files or other situations affecting SLA thresholds. Leave the infrastructure and security monitoring to Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway and instead focus on the partner relationship.

Informatica Cloud ready

Cloud B2B Gateway runs on Informatica Cloud’s state-of-the-art integration platform. As a result, you can leverage its security, reliability, and backup so you can focus on operational excellence instead of investing in additional infrastructure, level of security, reliability, and backup infrastructure in place.

With Cloud B2B Gateway, you can apply a modern cloud approach to a traditional standard, thanks to prebuilt and preconfigured mappings.

Key Features

  • Expedite your partners’ on-boarding and management using Cloud B2B Gateway wizards and pre-built EDI processing mappings
  • Use Informatica Cloud Services to add distinct business logic for processing EDI and other messages to your specific back-end system or to extract messages from your back-end system
  • Easily enable, test, then move EDI messages with trading partners directly to production with Cloud B2B Gateway
  • Provide self-service ability to trading partners for configuring integrations and also simplify interactions for less technically savvy partners
  • Track and monitor your EDI exchange with your partners with full and clear visibility to any error situation.