Big Data Products

Big Data Management – Features

The industry’s only connected data management solution architected to access, integrate, clean, master, govern, and secure big data.

Universal Data Access

Access all types of data including transactions, applications, databases, log files, social, machine, and sensor data.

High-Speed Ingestion & Extraction

Move data among source systems, Hadoop, and target applications using high-performance connectivity and dynamic mappings.

Data Integration on Hadoop

Get access to an extensive library of prebuilt transformation capabilities on Hadoop using a visual development environment.

Data Profiling on Hadoop

Profile data on Hadoop to understand the data, identify data quality issues, and collaborate on data pipelines.

Complex Data Parsing on Hadoop

Parse complex, multi-structured, unstructured, and industry standard data on Hadoop using pre-built parsers or easily create your own.

Visual Design Environment

Builds on top of the open-source Hadoop framework and preserves all the transformation logic without specialized development.

Flexible Deployment

Operates nearly everywhere, including Amazon Web Services, Elastic MapReduce, and Microsoft Azure HDInsight.