Big Data Parser

Key Features

Parse multi-structured and industry-standard data on Hadoop, including industry standards,documents, log files, and complex file formats.

Access and parse complex data

Parse a variety of industry standards, documents, log files, and complex file formats in Hadoop

Visual development environment

Use pre-built parsers or create customer parsers with Big Data Parser Studio, then test parsing transformations on sample data

Supports multiple industry standards

Supports multiple industry standards (for example FIX, SWIFT, NACHA, SEPA, ACORD, HIPAA, HL7, EDI, ASN.1)

Binary document extraction on Hadoop

Extract data from binary documents such as Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF on Hadoop

Process hierarchical structures on Hadoop

Process deep hierarchical data structures such as XML and JSON formats on Hadoop

Parse log files on Hadoop

Parse and extract data from a variety of log files (web, call-detail records, mainframe, and proprietary) on Hadoop

Elastic scaling

Process parsing transformations regardless of data format or size that scale with the topology of the Hadoop cluster