Sentinel Power Green

Sentinel Power Green

  • Input / Output: 1/1 Phase ON LINE, 3/1 Phase ON LINE
  • Rating: 6000-20000VA
Sentinel Power Green Sentinel Power Green 2

Designed for protecting IT systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems such as safety devices, ensuring maximum power reliability the Sentinel Power Green series has been designed using the state-of-the-art technology and constructed from high-quality components to provide maximum protection to critical loads with no impact on downstream systems and optimised energy savings.
The series includes 6 kVA single/single phase and 8-20 kVA single/single-phase and three/single-phase versions with on-line double conversion technology (VFI ): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency.Input and output filters provide significant further immunity from mains disturbances and lightning strikes.

Sentinel Power Green provides selectable Economy Mode and Smart Active Mode functions; user-friendly LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces with PowerShield³ software, ESD input, interface slot with optional communication boards.

Sentinel Power Green can be configured for parallel operation for either ‘redundancy’ or ‘capacity’.