Power Protection


MAP provides complete power protection solutions throughout the region. MAP operates from a foundation of solid experienced expertise and values that form the basis for our power solution guiding principles of quality, reliability, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and integrity. These power protection service principles are in line with our goal of building long-term relationships with you, our customer, based on our ability to add value to your operations.


MAP partners with SIEL Energy SpA. An Italian Company which works internationally as an authoritative point of reference in two highly topical fields: ELECTRIC POWER SAFETY and RENEWABLE ENERGY production.
With more than thirty years of manufacturing experience, SIEL has been producing Power protection and generation equipment’s and devices for public and private customers, providing with “safe energy” for several highly critical sectors such as infrastructures, finance, telecommunications, health service, mass retail and data centers.

SIEL decided to embrace an integrated Management System compliance with ISO 9001. ISO 14001 and HSAS 18001


  • Increasing the quality of your power supply
  • Protecting from blackouts
  • Cutting out any network disturbances
  • Matching the UPS with complex loads
  • Ensuring the best efficiency in any load scenario

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

3 Phase UPS power protection, solving today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centres, mission-critical systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes. SIEL have a variety of range of UPSs, CPS, Hardware accessories , frequency converters etc.

UPSs Range

Input / Output – 1/1 Phase ON LINE to 3/3 Phase ON LINE & Rating – 10kVA to 1000kVA

  • UPS systems come in many variations and sizes depending on your facility’s requirements. We provide UPS from 10 – 120 kVA.
  • CENTRAL POWER SYSTEM (CPS) – Systems are also commonly referred to as Static inverter systems or AC Central battery systems or Central lighting inverters – MAP with SIEL provide a wide range of the product from 10.0kVA – 200kVA
  • Frequency Converters – A frequency changer or frequency converter is an electronic or electromechanical device that converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. The device may also change the voltage, but if it does, that is incidental to its principal purpose.
  • Batteries & Battery Monitoring & Accessories & Hardware

MTR (STS) - Transfer Switches Static Transfer Switches (STS)

Input / Output: 1 phase & Rating: 16 & 32 Amps

2U 19” rack mounted Static Transfer Switch to facilitate fully automatic switching between two independent single phase power supplies to provide ‘high availability’ power supply for network and telecom applications. The unit is equipped with a synoptic diagram with LED indication of system status and power flow.

A rotary switch provides the selection of the priority source together with an integrated manual bypass facility.  The manual bypass switch allows for complete isolation and removal of the power module for service/replacement purposes whilst maintaining a supply to the critical load.


Dual hard wired input supply connections (A & B source) are via the rear of the unit.  In its standard format load connection is via 10 x IEC rear connections.  Other types of connectors/connection arrangements are available.

  • Hot – swappable power electronic
  • Integrated standard manual bypass
  • 19” Rack
  • Standard Communication RS232 and free contract

UPS Maintenance and Service

Prior to dispatch, all systems are subjected to a factory testing procedure (which may be witnessed) and a certified copy of the results together with certificates of conformity are shipped with the system.

As with all electronic equipment regular preventative maintenance is recommended in order to ensure sustained and predictable operation.

We offer a wide range of preventative maintenance plans which offer you the flexibility to decide which level of cover is appropriate for your business needs.

Maintenance plan options include:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits at a time to suit you.
  • Emergency call out within agreed response times.
  • Labour & travel inclusive – fixed cost.
  • 24/7 emergency contact with on-call engineers.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • Spare parts cover for systems outside of
  • Battery impedance testing.
  • On site ‘crash kit’.

Additional services include:

  • Thermal imaging.
  • Load bank testing.
  • Black building testing.

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