Virgin Group


Part of the Virgin Group; In its 10th year is one of fastest growing networks with around 3M customers; based out of UAE

Only provider in the region with 5+ country operations in their Two brands Virgin & FRiENDi.

Delivering mobile experience in KSA, Oman, South Africa, Malaysia & Jordan… with foresight of 10 New Markets by 2020


  • Virgin uses Vertica as data warehouse
  • Analytics is targeted for individual countries
  • Average database size is around 750 GB

Selected Qlik as their Enterprise wide analytics from 2012 & MAP has been the solution provider since inception with around 90 man months of onsite consulting


300 million records processed daily for analysis

Near Real Time Analysis on Customer Insight

Detailed Analysis on Retail, Product & Revenue models

Virgin Uses Advanced Analytics to Study and Capitalize on Customer Behavior

Improved their decision-making agility upto 74% with Qlik