NMC Healthcare was found in 1975 which has a proud heritage of over 40 years in the UAE and is almost as old as the 45 year old nation.

NMC Healthcare is UAE’s largest private healthcare provider with over 17 Hospitals. It has two main branches of business, NMC Healthcare and NMC Trading.


NMC Uses HIS, HMS & CMS systems in their Hospitals. Each Hospital has their own Independent System.

There is no centralized Database which stores the Data from all the Hospitals, Each Hospital has their own DB like Postgre, SQL, Oracle and  Sybase.

Database Size : 200GB

Selected Qlik as their Enterprise wide analytics from March 2015 & MAP has been the solution provider since inception.


Improved access to data for all employees with strict data governance policy.

Complex Hospital Utilization Rates calculated and analysed on a click of a button

Empowered end users to perform their own analysis and ad hoc querying

75% Reduction in time for generating Reports as compared to previous systems

Data Sources include Sybase, Postgre SQL, MS SQL, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11G from multiple applications used into single BI environment.

Multiple Data Source combined together on one platform for 360 degree view of organization